RC, Motor Home, and Camper Repair

RV/MotorHome/Camper Repair
I provide a wide array of RV and Camper repair services, everything from water damage repair and remodeling to electrical and plumbing, to roof repair I do most any work to them except for black water tank and line repair as well as resync slides that require a computer or special adapter to do the sync.
Doesn't matter class A, B, or C just bring them to me and I will take good care of you and your land yacht.

Automotive Repair
I can work on a wide variety of vehicles from Ford's to Land Rovers as well as diesel trucks with my main experience being in the 7.3 PowerStrokes but I can work on any diesel 2003 and older but 2004 and up the repair I can do is more limited.
Depending on the job I bill by hour or by the job as a whole (mainly larger jobs are billed at a discount flat charge), depending on the situation my rates are $20-25 an hour and in some cases I can come to you and do the work at your place provided it can be safely done.
I also offer Road Side Assistance (click here for details)

Pest Removal and Control
I remove and control pests such as rodents, possums, raccoons, coyotes, bears, dee, and other animals that plague home, farm, and business owners, I can usually humanely trap and remove the offending pest(s), I also can remove bee hives and snakes. I am NOT a exterminator so I do not deal with roaches, ants, bed bugs, and so on.

Areas I Travel to and Provide Service in TENNESSEE ONLY:
Erwin (where I am located, zip code 37650)
Flag Pond
Johnson City
Gap Creek
Dry Creek
Simerly Creek
Stoney Creek
Boones Creek
Bluff City
Church Hill
Flag Pond

These I will not do or work on:
I will not diagnose or repair automatic transmissions but I will remove and replace them with rebuilt or used units.
I only do LIMITED work on 2004 model diesels and up.
I do not work on motorcycles
I do not do alignments or serious suspension work, lift kits excluded.
I do not have any serious computer diagnostic equipment so I cannot always help with every issue as things continues I will purchase some.
I do not change rim and tires.
I do not do any body work other than installing aftermarket bumpers and grills.
I do not do any air conditioning repair at all.
I do not work on any Apple products at all.
I do not do any roofing, with the exception of RVs/MotorHomes and Campers/Travel Trailers
I do not do any septic or waste line work.

Please Click HERE to read my terms and conditions that you agree to by entering into a labor agreement

All repairs come with a 12 month 15,000 mile warranty on LABOR, parts warranty is not covered but may be provided by vendor or mfg. If part is a USED PART supplied by Pat's Salvage and Service directly then that part has a 6 month 10,000 mile warranty unless otherwise stated and this warranty ONLY applies to parts installed by Pat's Salvage and Service as used parts installed by the customer only have a 30 day flat warranty otherwise.

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